As a founding member of The Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet (BWBQ), I’ve enjoyed the artistic freedom, hard-work, and fun that comes with this group.  Comprised of my good friends and colleagues, we have devoted ourselves to making music a fun experience for all.  For more information on the group, read below and check out our website!

The BWBQ aim to entertain and educate a broad, ever-expanding audience.  They have established an active web presence and regularly add new performance videos to their YouTube channel.  They also work to enrich communities through their performances– most recently, with school tours in the Rochester and Buffalo areas, Chicago, New Haven, and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  The BWBQ aim to spread the utter joy of music while maintaining their dedication to artistry of the highest degree.

The group’s untraditional instrumentation allows them to creatively blend classical music with comedy and popular culture. The BWBQ are committed to performing original music and arrangements, most of which they write themselves. Dancing, skits, drumming, and the use of props are hallmarks of BWBQ performances.

*If you would like to bring us to your school or organization, please contact us at THE BWBQ.